Connect with Alumni

Alumni from Navy BCM are currently stationed all over the country. Contact these individuals at these duty stations if you want to know more about how to follow Jesus faithfully in your area or getting plugged into a local church. People deploy a lot so if you don't hear back quickly, let Justin know (


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East coast

Norfolk, VA  - Townshend (USCG ‘16) and Michelle (‘17) Hirst -, 

Brian and Kelly Evertson ‘17 -

Quantico, VA - Colby Garman, Pastor of Pillar Church of Dumfries,

Jacksonville, NC- Camp Lejeune - Nick Wilcox ‘17,

Charleston, SC - Derek and Katherine Moore `16 -

Jacksonville, FL -  Austin Tortorici `16 -

 Pensacola, FL -     Caleb Ingram ‘18 -

                                Caroline Watts ‘18 -

        Chaplain Jeff Jenkins -

West Coast

Whidbey Island, WA - Claire Longabaugh ‘15 -

Bangor, WA - Brent and Emily Aldridge `15 -

San Diego, CA -  Carrie Laskey `15

       Garrett Grey `13

       Tim Cain, Pastor of Kaleo Church,

       Joel Webbon, Pastor of The Response Church,

Oceanside, CA- Camp Pendleton-  Trace Martinez, Pastor of Pillar Church of Oceanside,

29 Palms, CA - Dan Abney `11

Yuma, AZ -  Ricardo Rosario-Hoover, 

MCB Hawaii- Naval Aviation - Victor Nguyen `14

Pearl Harbor, HA- Nick and Lane Hutchinson `14 -


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